You’ve Changed Maaaan…

You may notice that the site undergoes a few aesthetic changes over the next week or two. It’s going to get tidier, neater, a bit more unique and hopefully a bit more professional.

First up is the excellent banner at the top there with an artist’s interpretation of me preparing to fight cinema. The artist in question is Ed Clews, an illustrator based in Harrogate and creator of some excellent children’s literature. Here is his illustration blog, Ed Clews Illustrations and a sneaky preview of his latest book for little ‘uns, Splishy Sploshy. I’ve even stuck one of his sketches up there for you to have a chuckle at.

This Master’s Voice

On May 14th I recorded, alongside my good buddy Jim Whiting, the Sheffield Live Film File show hosted by the ever gracious and witty Simon Thake. We chew the fat on the latest releases, movie news, misquoted films and how to pronounce ‘synecdoche’. It’s been released as a podcast which you can download or stream from here…

Sheffield Live Film File

April 13: Salzburger and Fries

I’m staying in the Wolf-Deitrich Hotel in Salzburg at the moment and really rather brilliantly they have a DVD collection in the lobby that you can have a lend from.

After Hancock’s uneven good/shit combo from the other night I went with Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers with Bill Murray last night. Enjoyably sad. Not one for fans of early Bill Murray as it’s squarely in his late stage camp. Full reviews on my return.

Keep it real. I’m off for some Indian/Austrian fusion cooking tonight which could be utter bollocks but should certainly entertain.

April 10th: Austria


I’m on holiday at the moment, in Austria no less, so I can’t update.

I am watching as and when I can and I’ll let everyone in on my big plan to get to 365. I’ve managed to watch…

Supernova – Lou Diamond Phillips has sex with an alien bomb.
Munich – Worst James Bond film ever?
Scanners – Brilliant.

I’ll review them properly later.

Bloody German keyboards are a nightmäre.


Blog News

The old theme had to be ditched, it was halting me getting any stats about the blog – which is annoying. I’ll be sticking with this theme for a week or so to make sure everything is fine, then I’ll set about finding one that looks nice and that doesn’t screw with my stats. As it is I’ve had no idea how many people were actually visiting this place.

More reviews very soon. Promise.