June 24th: So happy together…


132. A Wonderful Love (Fabrice Du Welz, 1999)

Calvaire (reviewed here) director Fabrice Du Welz made his name with this 20 minute film about the bizarre and upsetting affections of a very lonely woman, Lara. Lara wants company, she craves it. On her birthday she hires a stripper for the party where she is the only guest. She decides he has to stay whether he likes it or not, whether he is dead or alive. Du Welz reprises many of the same themes in Calvaire the ideas of obsession and desire as well as bringing a sense of childish innocence to proceedings. Lara seems completely unaware of the terrible things she has done for the most part, she just wants company. It’s a dark and compelling little film that comes as an extra on the Calvaire DVD.

The picture is the best that I could find for the film, actress Edith Lemerdy as delightfully creepy Lara.