February 9th: Like JFK without the big Costner speech.

44. Bobby (Emilio Estevez, 2006)

 Woah, that is one hell of a big cast – Emilio Estevez gathers the great and the good from across the acting spectrum from Anthony Hopkins to Lindsay Lohan for this story about the events of June 4th/5th in The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles leading up to the assassination of US Senator Robert Kennedy. Estevez hasn’t concentrated on Kennedy himself, who is only shown through actual footage of his time leading up to the event, instead he concentrates on the myriad of characters who happen to be at the party thrown in Kennedy’s honour at the hotel. The film unfortunately suffers from the ‘repeated epiphany’ syndrome. Each set of characters manages to have a major life changing realization in this 24 hour period, all framed by the impending arrival of the Senator. Whilst it is a little aimless and sentimental Bobby is ultimately quite enjoyable as a glimpse at a time where people were very hopeful about a politician who promised to end a fairly hopeless looking war. Hmmmm, wait a minute…

Oh, one other thing – Laurence Fishburne’s ‘Morpheus’ schtick is getting quite old. In fact I was glad when he fucked off halfway through the film because his tiresome cod-philosophy was getting right on my tits.