Olympian Cinematic: The screens in British hearts

It became swiftly obvious during the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games that the creative director of the showpiece, Danny Boyle understands the importance of cinema, the movies, to a nation hoping to finally craft a positive identity in the modern age.

In years gone by I was taught about Australian cinema by a remarkable lady, Cath Ellis, whose key text in beginning to understand Australia as a concept and as a nation was the opening ceremony from the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. I remember discussing the importance of self-image and identity as presented by one of these events, events that are seen and consumed by the world at large. The ceremony aims to present a potted history of the country via images, music and loads of people dancing. Continue reading “Olympian Cinematic: The screens in British hearts”

March 14th: Loadsa money

70. Millions (Danny Boyle, 2004)

It is by no means his most popular film but Danny Boyle’s Millions is a little gem of a movie. Damian lives with his father and brother when, whilst out playing, a bag full of money crashes into his cardboard fort. The money is pounds sterling but in this England the conversion to the €uro is only just round the corner. Damian, guided by his conscience, his brother and a cavalcade of imagined saints tries to do the right thing. Millions manages to avoid being twee or schmaltzy and instead creatively delivers a narrative from a child’s point of view without being condescending. It also has the lovely Daisy Donovan in it, I had a reyt crush on her about a decade ago.