June 13th: London Calling


125. Franklyn (Gerald McMorrow, 2008)

In Franklyn a fractured storyline represents a fractured mind. Four seemingly unrelated storylines slowly entwine until they are brought crashing together. Franklyn is a difficult film to really enjoy, the storylines are initially so disparate that you can’t help but want to concentrate on the one that is initially most interesting. Whilst the other characters inhabit London, Ryan Phillipe lives in a bizarre steampunk world called Meanwhile City. Here the city is a crowded gothic nightmare of myriad faiths and dangerous authority. It’s a striking vision which demands more screen-time. As the story progresses the links become more apparent as the characters gravitate towards one another and it remains interesting because McMorrow manages to fit a genuine sense of unease and menace into certain characters. The cast is great with special mention to Eva Green and the always excellent Bernard Hill but you’ll clamour for more of Phillipe’s character and the world that he inhabits, it’s just too striking for its own good really.