July 11th: Evergreen Genocide


146. Treevenge (Jason Eisener, 2008)

Have you ever stopped to consider the life of the Christmas tree? Chopped down en-masse and transported around the country, trussed up and taken to garish isolated prisons before being adorned with a dizzying assortment of decorations and then treated as totem pole for a weeks worth of frenzied celebrations before being tossed away, used and unwanted. That kind of treatment might make you pretty angry, pretty pissed off and ready to do something, ready to get some revenge – tree style.

Weighing in at an epic 16 minutes this is probably the best short film I’ve seen so far this year and I want to share it with anyone who reads this blog. There’s sharp, witty exploitation thrills to be had. Made with great care and no lack of talent and with a tongue nestling snugly in cheek. So good I’ve embedded it on the site for you to watch too…

(If you get the time then check out the awesome precursor to Treevenge from ‘Yer Dead’ Productions, Grindhouse trailer ‘Hobo with a Shotgun’.)