March 28th: She won an Oscar for that?

80. My Cousin Vinny (Jonathan Lynne, 1992)

It seems that almost everyone else has seen this and I’ve somehow managed to avoid it for a very long time. I decided something a bit light-hearted was in order after Grave of the Fireflies so I opted for this gentle comedy. The Karate Kid and his whiny friend are arrested in a backwater Alabama town whilst on their way to college, they are accused of a murder that they didn’t commit and in desperate need of a good attourney to get them off the charges. Cue Joe Pesci’s Vinny Gambino turning up to help his cousin, Daniel-san, argue with the trial judge, Herman Munster, and wonder how he managed to get engaged to the gorgeous Marisa Tomei. Enjoyably light fluff with some nice comic touches and decent performances from the leads, it doesn’t outstay its welcome and offers decent non-mafia roles to the Italian-American actors.