201. Jumper (Doug Liman, 2008)

Doug Liman made Swingers, Go and The Bourne Identity.  Three films that I really quite like.  Jumper has a lot of promise, and it starts quite well.  Showing in a quick flurry of scenes what life might be like if you could teleport yourself to any conceivable location on the planet.  It is a snappy and exciting opening that sets up the exciting premise of David Rice’s life, especially with the hints of other ‘Jumpers’ (people who can teleport – not knitted Christmas presents favoured by Giles Brandreth) and a secret cabal of people who hunt them.  Unfortunately the whole thing is anchored around Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson and they can’t act.  Christensen had proved this in the Star Wars prequels and Bilson’s ‘pedigree’ comes from appearing in the teenage version of Dynasty, The OC.  With a pair of lead actors who generate as much heat as an Amish toolshed the film is overly reliant on inventive use of the jumping and the support cast.  This is where ballet-boy Jamie Bell comes in.  He can act and he shows the other two up quite embarrassingly.  Ultimately though this is a film of lost opportunity, much of that is probably due to material that was excised because they were saving it for the sequel – according to the DVD extras.  That’s some serious bravado and it has only just paid off with the sequel having gone into pre-production recently.  Hopefully that can make up for this empty vessel and with any luck some of the cast took some acting lessons in the intervening period.