June 12th: Jesus and the Vikings.


124. Outlander (Howard McCain, 2008)

In 709 A.D. a spaceship crash lands on Earth; out climbs Kainan (Jim Caviezel), a soldier from another world. He’s brought something with him, an alien monster called the ‘Moorwen’. Kainan has to team up with a tribe of Vikings in order to defeat the beast. Riffing on Beowulf this is about one of the silliest plots I could think of, I mean, it sounds like an 8 year old came up with it – which is part of the attraction really. This is really just a very silly B-movie with a big budget. A very big budget. Outlander is reputed to have cost somewhere in the region of $50 million but it was absolutely buried at release, making back less than $4 million globally. It’s not that bad though – in fact it’s pretty solid as far as B-movie kicks go. The Moorwen is well designed and despite being annoyingly pure CGI it still manages to convey some decent presence. It also has the lovely Sophia Miles in it, who was excellent (and lovely) in Hallam Foe. She’s lovely incidentally. There’s a solid back-up cast with Ron Pearlman and John Hurt and some decent action sequences. A very solid bit of Friday night fodder.