May 10th: The spy who waterboarded me.


101. Mission Impossible III (JJ Abrams 2008)

The Cruiser’s action juggernaut picks up its third director capable of spectacular visual arrangements. This time though, things are getting nasty. In the post-Bourne world where Abu Ghraib is still fresh in peoples minds and films like Taken are smashing up the box office then you need to get a little bit dirty. This time the ‘fatality free’ Ethan Hawke is gone, this time they’ve messed with his wife and he wants some serious revenge. Torture and international arms deals come in to play (recalling both Taken and Lord of War) and the Cruiser is ready to play hardball. Although the whole thing is pretty forgettable stuff, whilst it is on screen the action sequences in particular are energetic and intelligent. There’s a clarity to the choreography and it doesn’t get bogged down in exposition at any point.