March 1st: There’s more to Scotland than heroin and deep fried food

57. Restless Natives (Michael Hoffman, 1985)

In Edinburgh Will and Ronnie are a pair of hopeless idealists who decide to hold up tourist buses using props from the joke shop where Ronnie works. The police are on their trail in a roundabout fashion but they soon become folk heroes and a tourist attraction themselves. Along the way Will falls for bus-tour assistant Margot and Ronnie gets involved with Edinburgh’s criminal fraternity. Restless Natives is a gentle little feel-good film that remains innocuous whilst managing to raise a smile. The tone is the thing, whilst it flirts with danger the film remains within the safety net of the pleasant. There is some spectacular photography of the highlands where robberies take place and the score/soundtrack courtesy of Big Country fits perfectly. Ned Beatty turns up in it too, good for him.