194. The End of the Line (Rupert Murray, 2009)

I love an eco-doc, they follow such a predictable pattern.  They show you a dreadful picture of the modern world, or in this case the devastation wrought by industrial fishing. This lasts for roughly 50 minutes and takes a variety of forms.  The End of the Line plays out like a combination of investigative journalism and historical information film.  The thrust of the thing is that we are overfishing the world’s oceans and that drastic measures are needed in order to halt this slide.  This is where the second part of the eco-doc comes in, lasting about 20/30 minutes you get the potential solutions, the spots of light on the dark horizon.  This is eco-doc by numbers but the message contained within is undeniably powerful and if even half of what is said is true then humans have a lot of work to do to restore some balance to the situation.