May 24th: Isn’t it ironic?


114. Snakes on a Plane (David R. Ellis/Lex Halaby, 2006)

The B-Movie is a treasured bygone of cinema yore, notable by its rare existence in modern cinema.*

The modern ironic B-Movie has yet to attain this sort of status.

Snakes on a Plane is in the latter category. As the title suggests this is heart on sleeve material. Rabid snakes are released on plane that is carrying a star witness in an important murder trial. Multiple snake deaths ensue. That’s it. High-concept, nudge-nudge, wink-wink stuff. The snakes kill the people in a variety of painful and ludicrous ways whilst Special Agent Samuel L. Jackson tries to protect the witness and the surviving passengers. The only remarkable aspect of the film is the extent to which the internet played a part in its development. Following a building of anticipation New Line cinema actually extended the shooting schedule in order to incorporate suggestions made on the website – suggestions such as snake deaths and character traits. The resultant effect is disappointingly like watching a procession of scenes that could have been suggested by an excitable internet community.

Funny that.


* I may be alone in this but I think the purest B-Movie of recent times was The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It had nothing to do with the others in the series and should probably have just been called Tokyo Drift. Anyone else watched it? Here’s the excellent first race – which took me a disproportionately long time to find on the internet.