April 24th: At least it isn’t Blair Witch 3.


92. The Objective (Daniel Myrick, 2008)

Back in 1999 Daniel Myrick was hot property. Along with Eduardo Sánchez he had just released one of the most profitable films in the history of cinema. Costing next to nothing to make and, remarkable at the time, marketed with an aggressive internet campaign – The Blair Witch Project was an absolute sensation. Despite being about 10/15 minutes too long (yes, you’re lost – I get it) the film worked pretty well at building sustained tension and had a brilliant closing scene to cap it off.

What then of this hot talent – would Myrick move up to making major Hollywood films with a lot of money behind him? No, he is making low budget horror films like The Objective instead. CIA agent Jonas Ball leads a squad of Special Ops Reservists deep into Afghanistan, their objective isn’t exactly clear but they’re looking for a local holy man. What they find is madness, something is stalking them through the desert – there are strange lights, bizarre objects in the distance and horrible events begin to befall the group. The objective has several interesting ideas and a solid premise and also reminded me a lot of The Last Winter. There are some scenes of excellent tension and for most of the film the digital effects are simple and effective. Unfortunately it appears that the Myrick had absolutely no idea how to end the film, it just peters out into some farcical mash of poor CGI and unexplained events. A shame, because parts of the film managed to be genuinely chilling and tense but it leaves a poor taste in the mouth – unlike Myrick’s early breakthrough effort.

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