August 16th: AnchorBush


169. Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America – A Final night With George W. Bush (Marty Callner – 2009)

This stage show from New York is as much a farewell to the abundance of comedy material generated by the big W as much as anything else. Ferrell gives a performance that is really a reminiscence of the Bush administration and the comedy provided by the characters involved. With the exception of Condoleezza Rice’s dance routine it isn’t gut bursting funny but more quaintly amusing. The mispronunciations and faux cowboy impressions are all present but always underscored by the bizarre fratboy charm of the man. There’s some amusing audience interaction too, but overall this doesn’t say anything that hasn’t already been said. It’s occasionally funny, but really rather pointless.

2 thoughts on “August 16th: AnchorBush”

  1. ‘It’s occasionally funny, but really rather pointless.’

    One assumes that the quote could be used to describe the man as well as the film.

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