August 18th: More Fear and Loathing


170. Where the Buffalo Roam (Art Linson, 1980)

This works as a bit of a follow up to the Hunter S. Thompson documentary I watched just recently. This is a sort of semi-fictionalised account of Thompson’s productive period from ’68 to ’72. Bill Murray does a good impression of the man himself and Peter Boyle is Lazlo his ever deranged lawyer accomplice prix du viagra france. There’s no narrative thread to the film as such, it just charts Thompson’s rise to covering politics and his disintegrating friendship with Lazlo.

The whole film seems to have been made by people in awe of Thompson and his writing. I happen to share a love of the works of Thompson but I also think that he was a bit of an arse as a person – Where the Buffalo Roam doesn’t alter anything about that. In fact it doesn’t do much at all.

Note: Where the Buffalo Roam is listed in the Neon book 1000 Essential Movies on Video under Saturday Night Live Movies.

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