August 29th: You’ve already met


176. Meet the Fockers (Jay Roach, 2004)

When Greg Focker brings his wife’s uptight parents, including ex-CIA operative Jack, to meet his hippy parents Rozalin and Bernie, hilarity ensues in a never ending clash of cultures. In a sequel to the 2000 film Meet the Parents Ben Stiller phones in a performance as the awkward-but-nice Greg whilst Robert DeNiro continues his never ending descent into becoming a comprehensive parody of his early, brilliant, performances. This film is so spectacularly middle-of-the-road it could walk up and down the M1 without ever being hit. The only real entertainment comes from Dustin Hoffman and surprisingly Barbra Streisand, who appear to actually be having some fun.

3 thoughts on “August 29th: You’ve already met”

    1. More or less amusing than a meditation on the behaviour of the human body prompted by the subconscious desire to help whenever one is asked whether one is in possession of a pen?

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