August 4th: Apt Title

big nothing

162. Big Nothing (Jean-Baptiste Andrea, 2006)

I’ve always felt that Simon Pegg is my friend. He isn’t, except in the strange part of my head where he invites me to be a new flatmate character in the third series of Spaced and I go to the pub quiz every week with him, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and Jessica Hynes. Mark Heap only comes along occasionally because he’s ‘a bit funny about going out’. Simon realises that I’ve got a great sense of humour, much like his, and I write the next film for him and Nick Frost to appear in before we all go round to Quentin Tarantino’s house for a movie marathon.

Welcome to my fantasy.

In Big Nothing Simon and David Schwimmer are a pair of IT workers who decide to have a crack at a bit of low level blackmail to make some cash. Things start to go wrong quickly and they continue to get worse as the bodies pile up. This is sub Coen brothers stuff really, a feeling that is only enhanced when Coen favourite John Polito turns up. But whilst it was pilloried on release, the worst you could say about it is that there’s much better stuff already out there in the same mould. Simon needs to drop the accent though – that really doesn’t work.

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