Big in the 80s


189. Micro Men (Saul Metzstein, 2009)

The story of the competition between two rival computing entrepreneurs in the 80s, Micro Men is a TV Movie of the kind of quality that we rarely see in British TV schedules.  Alexander Armstrong and Martin Freeman are Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry, one time colleagues until Curry leaves to go his own way.  The home computing market is the battleground and these two very different characters go at each other.  The whole show is stolen by Armstrong’s phenomenal representation of the oddball genius Sinclair, the balding ginger and awkward looking man who was (external sources verify this) a huge hit with the ladies and possibly the last of the great British inventors.  A joy from start to finish I only wish there were more films like this made for TV in this country.

2 thoughts on “Big in the 80s”

  1. Good to see the return of your film blog Chris, Micro Men was a brilliant show, and another glimpse at what Auntie Beeb can do so often instead of just shite tv soaps, a real meaty show that so perfectly captures the flavour of an era. Possibly the best tv show I’ve seen this year.

  2. Agreed Mick, I really enjoyed it.

    My Dad informed me that when he met Clive Sinclair he actually had a trail of birds following him around.

    Must have had a massive schlong.

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