Chris vs… Fangoria

Fangoria Magazine #281

I prepared for my recent holiday by purchasing some reading material. One item of which was a copy of legendary horror magazine Fangoria, my first purchase of the gore-hounds favourite publication and unfortunately, at five English pounds, probably the last. Price aside, as a horror fan I’ve always fancied a read so it seemed as good an opportunity as any. The days of the magazine may not be numbered but there is change in the air for folks in print/publishing. Margins are getting tight and the internet is eating readers left and right. I wonder if specialist publications like the affectionately named ‘Fango’ might survive or have to change. But one quick flick through the magazine reveals two crucial things.

1. These folks really do take their horror quite seriously, whilst they touch on big budget films with an aspect of horror (Alex Proyas’ Knowing in this iss.) the meat of the magazine is straight up, knock down, drag out horror. Whilst the quality of the copy varies the quality of the information is strong. These writers know their stuff and when they review they do so with a huge weight of knowledge and insight into the methods of production, especially the difficulties associated with low budget film-making. There is a lot of attention given to the minutiae of production design and (as you’d expect) make-up and effects.

2. Fangoria isn’t just a magazine, it’s a radio show, a series of conventions and a fairly hefty internet presence in its own right. It’s managing to cover the bases pretty well.

Whilst I’d advise that you don’t read with your lunch due to the explicit pictures this is truly the finest publication for horror-fans. Any worries about an American-centric slant are assuaged by the positive coverage given to the current crop of French horror films. A cracking read undone by paying the import price of 5 quid.

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