Chris vs The Guardian?

High 5!

It has been a long held ambition of mine to do some paid writing work.  I’m not kidding myself, I’m not good enough to do it full-time; but I think I have enough to say, and just enough style to say it with, that I might be able to do a bit on the side for some time to come.  Chris Vs Cinema has been the framework to improve my writing and after a speculative e-mail or two it has paid off.

Today, in a flurry of activity, an article I have written has been posted on The Guardian Film Blog credited to my internet sobriquet ‘SolidChris’. It’s one of the weekly posts they make accepting contributions from outside the main staff and I’m well chuffed that something I’ve written has been put up on the site.  So please, go have a read of it and add a comment and a suggestion of your own – essentially make me look popular.

You can read it here – Clip Joint: Chat-up lines.

I hope this isn’t a one-off, I hope that there is more where this lies because that would make me happy and slowly fulfil one of my major ambitions in life: to be able to put that I am a writer – and to be confident about saying it.

4 thoughts on “Chris vs The Guardian?”

  1. Cracking piece – raises a few issues for me though.

    This sexing up of the “chat up line” and incidentally relationships as a whole all too often put a “perfect” relationship in peoples minds (mostly the woman) which lets face it, noone is ever going to live up to. In Hollywood everyone is sexy, perfect, thoughtful and I reckon that sets a benchmark as if we should be living up to that.

    For example – I just farted, Lucy didn’t like that judging by the disgusted look she threw me – this would never happen in Hollywood but in real life i’m afraid i’m no Hugh Grant or Tom Cruise and just don’t possess what it takes to be “that guy” (I guess I could start by not farting in front of her).
    I guess what i’m trying to say is that being “that guy” would be a full time job in itself and frankly I think the pay would be shit.

  2. ‘sexing up’? It’s not a dossier on WMD’s!

    I was mainly on about drunken attempts to pull or Ron Burgundy style fuck ups. They are the stuff of legend. Screw the perfect lines, leave that to Andy Garcia.

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