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I’m just working through some reviews that I’ve had backing up for a while but in the midst of all this I’d like to share a review that I’ve read recently that I’ve really enjoyed reading.  Tim Lee writes the Bilge Pump blog and sifts through the worst that modern culture has to offer us.  Tim’s also got an admirable fixation with the work of Nicholas Cage and here’s his review of Cage’s recent unholy alliance with Werner Herzog to re-make/re-imagine Bad Lieutenant


Crack’d actor

So here we stand at the end of another DeCage In Film. An era which started so spectacularly with Gone In 60 Seconds ends with Nic teaming up with Werner Herzog for a re-imagining, if you will, of Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant. Could The Wicker Man really be only his second most inconsequential remake? Expectations were low, but nowhere near as low as those of Ferrara himself: “I wish these people die in Hell. I hope they’re all in the same streetcar, and it blows up.”

We open with a shot of a lone snake in the water. Film students may recognise this as some kind of metaphor achat viagra livraison rapide. Pull back and it’s revealed we’re in a flooded jail cell and a prisoner is drowning. Of course Nic isn’t just going to rescue the prisoner straight away, he’s got to call said prisoner a “shit-turd” before launching into a tortuous monologue about not wanting to ruin his $55 Swiss cotton undies. Then finally he makes the two foot leap down to rescue the prisoner – don’t do it Nic!

Such an act of bravery is rewarded when he gets the Distinguished Service Cross in recognition of “extreme valour in the line of duty”… by jumping down a twofoot sheer drop.  But hang on, the film isn’t called Good Lieutenant, is it? Cut to the doctor’s surgery and the first of many dramatic bombshells is dropped: Nic will suffer “moderate to severe back pain,” possibly for the rest of his life. This news pushes Nic over the edge, the switch in his brain marked ACTING is flipped, and all of a sudden he’s Good Nic Gone Bad. At this juncture I should point out his character’s name is Terence – even the name exudes pure evil.

To finish reading Tim’s excellent review go Here.

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