Diplomatic Immunity

Because I’ve got your best interests at heart I thought I’d show you this cracking trailer. I realise you may have some serious giant robot fatigue right now, what with the mega budgeted disappointments that were Terminator Salvation and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but hang in there. I’ve been tracking Neill Blomkamp’s first feature for a while and I think that it has got some serious potential. Blomkamp was attached to the Peter Jackson produced Halo video game adaptation which fell through, this is his way of dealing with that disappointment. The premise is a little like Alien Nation but with the setting of South Africa there is the potential for a whole other level of intrigue in the portrayal the race relation subtext. I’ll let you be the judge of how it looks…

1 thought on “Diplomatic Immunity”

  1. District 9 looks very, very promising.

    Just a thought, remember 1999? When a juggernaut of a sci-fi made a return and our expectations were set like mercury triggers in bombs, ready to explode due to all the unprecedented hype?

    What happened?

    A little film called the Matrix stole the show, while the Phantom Menace became the biggest disappointment since, well… ever.

    So, I’m starting to wonder if District 9 might just pull a similar trick on Jim Cameron’s Avatar?

    Now hear me out before I get banned from the blog, I am a Cameron superfan (except Titanic- the films absolute balls) and am definitely gonna be sat in the imax on the first screening of Avatar but, so far I’ve seen nowt from the film apart from a few sketches of creature design. The hype surrounding it is reaching fever pitch and out of nowhere I’m starting to reject all the hype , because so far it’s based on nothing.

    ….or maybe I’ve just gone mad


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