February 17th: Milestone Millstone

Skipping from 48 to 50? Well I wrote a review for the 49th film but left it on another computer. It’ll be on next week – honest.

***Important note***

Vetting movies before they get shown at my horror nights is pretty important given the horrific disaster when I didn’t check the wobbling shower of turds that is SARS WARS: Bangkok Zombie Crisis (2004, Taweewat Wantha) and inflicted it on my poor, poor friends. Hence this film is one of the films that will undergo the vetting process and will get a pass/fail at the end of the review.

***Important note***

50. Automaton Transfusion (Steven C. Miller, 2006)

50 films in and I come to a movie that I had requested for Christmas. What a terrible mistake that was. Avoid Automaton Transfusion, it’s not a fault of the $30,000 budget. The film just fails to avoid the pitfalls of having that small budget. It doesn’t manage to avoid cliché – it just careers from one poorly thought out and average set piece to another. The acting is negligible and the editing is basic. It doesn’t even have the decency to actually come to a resolution – it ends on a ‘to be continued’ cliffhanger. As an additional warning, beware the reviews from bloody-disgusting.com because this film isn’t subversive or intelligent it’s just a bit shit. FAIL

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