February 18th: Isn’t Leslie a girls name?

***Important note***

Vetting movies before they get shown at my horror nights is pretty important given the horrific disaster when I didn’t check the wobbling shower of turds that is SARS WARS: Bangkok Zombie Crisis (2004, Taweewat Wantha) and inflicted it on my poor, poor friends. Hence this film is one of the films that will undergo the vetting process and will get a pass/fail at the end of the review.

***Important note***

51. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (Scott Glosserman, 2006)

More horror to make up for the Automaton Transfusion debacle of the previous night, and with some success. Behind the Mask is a horror deconstruction film where a wannabe psycho-slasher modeling himself on Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees invites a documentary film crew along to document him preparing for his killing spree. Reveling in the clichés of horror, Behind the Mask gently and affectionately mocks conventions with wit and verve. The documentary crew are inevitably made increasingly complicit until the point where the killing spree begins and Leslie Vernon’s plans begin to crystalise. It’s not a perfect deconstruction of horror but the obvious reverence for the stalk-slash genre is heartening and enjoyable especially when Leslie Vernon himself is such a likeable chap. PASS

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