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Hello you lovely people.

I’m currently making a guest appearance over at Paperhouse, the blog-site of the excellent up-and-coming writer Sarah Ditum. She’s wrestling away with actual paid writing work at the moment so at her behest, and perhaps my suggestion, I’ve made my mug visible over there. It’s a mid-term report on what it is like to be ‘Vs Cinema’ and the effect it has had on me. I hope you like it.

Read my post – One man against the movies.

Go to the Paperhouse front page and scroll through her awesome writing.

If you need any proof about how sharp Sarah is then I’ll let you in on one of our many conversations where I don’t come out of it so well…

Chris: “Pfft, fashion? What’s that? What does it really mean? It’s cobblers, the lot of it. It’s all surface with no substance – that sums up the people who like it. Fashion is for idiots.”

Sarah: “Well dressed idiots.”

Chris: “I, err… yeah.”

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