January 12th: Shades of Grey


Renaissance (Christian Volckman, 2006)


This animated French future-noir with hints of Blade Runner and Equilibrium is an exceptionally beautiful film. Using the rotoscope animation seen in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, Renaissance took a staggering 6 years to produce and with a daring monochromatic palette it looks quite unlike anything else out there. Unfortunately this technique obliterates the minutiae of human expression and distances the viewer from the emotional impact of the scenes. The story, police officer Barthélémy Karas investigating shadowy corporations and kidnapped scientists, is entertaining if unremarkable genre stuff meaning Renaissance is an intriguing curio but not revolutionary, despite appearances.


Note: Another 100 word challenge, any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “January 12th: Shades of Grey”

  1. As you know, I enjoyed this quite a lot, particularly some of the sf elements, it’s spectacular on the big screen, maybe some of those ‘minutiae’ are a bit more visible at the cinema! It is a little disjointed in places but that’s quite forgivable…

  2. I didn’t intend it as a bad review. I think what I’m talking about is the basics of human expression – they seemed to get a bit lost in the photography (can you call it that?). I enjoyed it though – really good sci-fi stuff. I liked the layout of ‘Future Paris’ particularly. I just struggled to get stuck in with the story.

    I liked that it was based around Progeria though, that’s something I actually know about.

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