January 17th: The Power of Chris Compels You!

27. Bug (William Friedkin, 2006)

Much as I complained about the way in which The Wrestler is being advertised in England I believe I have been sold Bug under false pretences. I was under the impression that this was a tense and explicit body horror that marked a welcome return to form for The Exorcist director Billy Friedkin. I wasn’t aware that Bug is in fact adapted from a stage play and that as a result it doesn’t play out as a typical horror film at all. Bug unfortunately failed to hold my attention at all. I suspect a portion of the blame is attributable to me but as I wasn’t expecting a stage adaptation I was disappointed with the lack of dynamism. Taking place over three distinct Acts there are leaps in the development of the characters that just doesn’t work as well cinematically. As for the acting Ashley Judd is excellent in a demanding role but I didn’t believe in Michael Shannon’s troubled CIA lab-rat nearly as much.

I’m afraid that as far as the horror nights go, a lack of action and an unappealing structure make this one a big fat fail.

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