January 30th: Imagine if Nick Griffin were in charge of Britain…

***Important note***

Vetting movies before they get shown at my horror nights is pretty important given the horrific disaster when I didn’t check the wobbling shower of turds that is SARS WARS: Bangkok Zombie Crisis (2004, Taweewat Wantha) and inflicted it on my poor, poor friends. Hence this film is one of the films that will undergo the vetting process and will get a pass/fail at the end of the review.

***Important note***

 38. Frontière(s) (Xavier Gens, 2007)

The French horror revolution continues apace with this brutal and harrowing entry from Xavier Gens. Set in the near future in an extrapolation of the far right flirtation of the French democracy a few years back and the inner city riots. This vision is one of absolute urban decay. Four friends escape this nightmare and hole up at an inn in rural France where the real terror begins. I don’t want to give up any more of the plot though, you’ll have to watch yourselves. Instead Frontière(s) demands attention as a tightly directed and edited horror ordeal, drawing its influence from its French brethren such as Switchblade Romance as well as its cross channel relatives like The Descent. There’s a liberal helping of American influence from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hostel but there is a distinctly European filter to these influences. Taking all of this into account it’s refreshing to note that Frontière(s) manages to remain a relatively original experience. Plentiful gore, claustrophobic scares, inventive visceral deaths and a sprinkling of neo-nazism is an effective recipe – long may the French horror revolution live on. This movie gets a big PASS!

2 thoughts on “January 30th: Imagine if Nick Griffin were in charge of Britain…”

  1. This was excellent.

    I really enjoyed this film, some great moments of horror, and a serious measure of gore. not for the squeamish or faint hearted though.

    Defo one for horror nights.

    SARS WARS it is not (thank Christ!)

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