July 1st: Unlucky Charm


136. Leprechaun in the Hood (Rob Spera, 2000)

Warwick Davis reprises his role as the Leprechaun in the fifth instalment of the horror franchise and is transported to ‘the Hood’ to terrorise Ice-T and a parade of hapless victims. Leprechaun in the Hood is obviously the natural evolution of the franchise after the fourth film took place in space, apparently. It’s straight to DVD writ large, take established idea and bolt it onto some kind of pop culture ideology. In this case a maniacal Leprechaun in black urban America – specifically becoming involved with a group of hungry rappers who espouse a positive message, like De La Soul only awful. The Leprechaun’s powers are weirdly never explained and seem to vary through the film, there’s the usual smattering of homophobia, only Warwick Davis can actually act and he’s buried under inches of make-up whilst squawking some of the worst rhyming couplets in the history of the English language “Look at all these glittering goods – I’ve got more loot than Tiger Woods!”

There’s a dance/rap sequence at the end of the film too – just to reinforce that it’s all a big joke. But if you hadn’t figured that out when you picked up the DVD then you might struggle with this part of the film. There really isn’t anything to redeem this, it isn’t even unintentionally funny.

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