June 6th: Monky Business


123. The Name of the Rose (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1986)

Sean Connery gave his flagging career a shot in the arm with his performance as Franciscan monk and man of reason William of Baskerville, investigating a series of grisly deaths at a remote abbey. The murder mystery takes place against a tableau of ugly and deformed characters where only the young and unsullied retain their beauty. There’s plenty to enjoy in this, Connery enjoying his role as a proto-Sherlock Holmes, a grotesque parlour of characters to suspect and several sub-plots of interest including an interesting ideological struggle between the Franciscan monks and the envoy from Rome. The film is laced with period details, as I understand Umberto Eco’s novel is and it provides an exciting glimpse at what might have been. Brilliantly, Connery’s accent remains steadfastly Scottish throughout.

5 thoughts on “June 6th: Monky Business”

  1. Having the bloke who does the Lucasfilm posters probably doesn’t help. Wasn’t it hyped up at the time as a sort of medieval Indiana Jones?

  2. I remember first watching this on TV years ago.
    My mum was a big Connery fan, so suggested we watch it together.
    Cue me getting very uncomfortable during the sex scenes. :-]

  3. I’m fairly shocked you haven’t seen this. Its a superb film and the novel, while difficult to read is well worth a bash. theres a whole series of subplots and esoteric stuff in it to get your head round. That said the film does capture the novel very very well. Captuing the claustrophobia and tightness of the main plot and trimming away the majority of the intellectual fat without dumbing it down too much. This is and has remained one of my favourite films for some years

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