24. The Crazies (Breck Eisner, 2010)

A remake of the little known George A. Romero film from the early 70s, this is a pretty entertaining slice of small-town America gone awry.  Ogden Marsh is the town in question and it is, all of a sudden, subject to some very strange goings on.  People are starting to act very in very strange, violent and dangerous ways and it is up to the town Sheriff to see if he can figure it out.  That would ordinarily be the set up and resolution for a film of this kind but credit where it is due because this film moves at breakneck speed.  There’s no bedding in period for this small town, you get all the information within five minutes and there is a simple and highly effective scene on the local baseball field which kicks off the action.  Everything proceeds with some hast from that point on and that’s what allows the film to take several turns I wasn’t expecting.  I won’t spoil it but after about half an hour the film has rattled through the story that a regular small town horror film would take for its duration.  The Crazies doesn’t do much wrong, but it doesn’t really do anything spectacular it is just a really solid piece of entertainment that is well filmed and well worth 90 minutes of your Friday night.  Special mention to English actor Joe Anderson as the deputy, upstaging his American counterparts with a damn good performance.

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