March 1st: Oedipus Foe

58. Hallam Foe (David Mackenzie, 2007)

Shagging your mum is frowned on in most if not all civilised societies and with good reason. Hallam Foe is all about this unpalatable practice, in a round-about fashion. Jamie Bell is the titular Hallam, his mother died two years previously and his sister has gone to Australia, leaving him in the house with his father and step-mother. Step-mum is played by Claire Forlani who desperately wants rid of Hallam as there is a mutual love/hate between the two. Cue awkward fumbling with step-mum and Hallam does a runner to Edinburgh. In the city Hallam begins to obsess with a woman who looks like his dead mum. And he has a crack at her too. Dirty little bugger. Hallam Foe is an odd film, it’s certainly well acted and the script contains moments of real human awkwardness that translate well to the screen. It is a film about the damage and repercussions of the loss of a parent whilst at the same time managing to be about watching people and voyeurism. It manages to be funny and charming whilst confronting some serious and difficult issues about human desire and interaction.

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