May 27th: Oirish


117. The Quiet Man (John Ford, 1952)

John Ford’s picture postcard vision of Ireland sees John Wayne as a disgraced American boxer attempting to woo Maureen O’Hara’s local beauty in the face of resistance from her overbearing brother. Lavishly photographed scenery and a thick splash of melodrama are infused with so much faux Irish sentiment you’d think that the film stock was dipped in Guinness. Try to ignore the rampant misogyny and romanticised lack of sectarian tension and you’ve a glimpse at how the second generation American/Irish remember the old country, all raucous comedy punch-ups and sing-a-long nights down the pub

Note: The Quiet Man is listed in the Neon book 1000 Essential Movies on Video under Irish Movies.

Note: I’ve set myself the challenge of doing a 100 word review for this.

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