May 2nd: Hollywood Save Us!


98. The 11th Hour (Nadia Conners & Leila Conners Peterson, 2007)

Leonardo DiCaprio presents this eco-doc about how we’re all killing the planet because massive corporations don’t care about the cost of ‘externalities’ and mass consumerism isn’t mindful of its waste produce. The first 40/45 minutes of this are a relatively sedate trawl through the science of our decline and introduce the concept that we, as a race, are approaching the last possible point where we can effect change in the circumstances – The 11th Hour. So far, so dull. The real excitement is generated in the last half an hour of the film where various scientists and experts discuss their propositions to redesign the way we live and the way we consume. The ideas are exciting, refreshing and innovative. Regardless of your stance on the causes of climate change it would be trite to deny the beauty of these designs and the nobility of the projects.

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