May 4th: Precious


100. The Hunt for Gollum (Chris Bouchard, 2009)

A group of enthusiastic Lord of the Rings fans have clubbed together and made this 40 minute fan-film set just prior to the events in Peter Jackson’s trilogy. They have somehow managed to emulate the aesthetic of the Jackson films with incredible success on a shoestring budget of just £3000. This is a genuine labour of love and an ode to Jackson’s achievements. I’ve got nothing but admiration for people who go to these lengths in their spare time so I’ll say nothing more about it other than to advise that you get it watched yourselves – here.

6 thoughts on “May 4th: Precious”

  1. Is it not utterly cringe-inducing, then? Most fan-flicks have the best of intentions, but while their heart might be in the right place, the same can rarely be said of their scripts or actors. If it’s even a smidge above “shit squad” I’m wiling to give it a go.

    1. I’m willing to put my cock on the block and say that it isn’t cringe inducing. On the contrary – this is one of the best fan films I’ve ever seen. It’s captured an awful lot of the original films. Obviously there are limitations but for the most part this is a corker of a film. It plays rather like an extended trailer but that is no bad thing in this case. It rattles along and doesn’t feel like it has outstayed its welcome – give it a go.

  2. How good would it seem to someone who doesn’t like the Lord of the Rings stories* or too much CGI (both being reasons that I hated the films)?

    * Little ferret people living in bloody mushrooms? I’m not 5.

  3. You might like it then. There isn’t much CGI – they can’t afford it. They’re just clever with their shots. There isn’t any hobbits. It’s mainly about a sliver of story that takes place beforehand. But it is made by people who love the books and films so they’ve allowed themselves to indulge in references that might seem a little bit too in-depth. But that’s their right. They put all the effort and not for profit either – for the love of it. Which is pretty cool really.

  4. Wow. Hugely impressed by that. Extended trailer is probably about right but its well worth the 40mins investment. Huge ‘well played’ to them.

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