Summer Vigil

The sound of silence in my life is often cause to celebrate. For now it means that my son is watching a feature length Postman Pat (yes, that exists) and I’m not at work. I’m not at work for six weeks and I had intended to spend the vast unholy bulk of that writing, some of which would appear on this neglected blog, once a day if possible. Well I have been writing but all of my efforts have been poured into paid work, which I’m going to have to start collecting together at some point. A chunky piece of freelance just popped up this very day at OPM. A mark of some success as getting paid to write was the reason behind setting up this blog in the first place.

So what about aims for the summer, I had a simple aim last time around – I wanted to get paid writing work and spend a week working on a magazine. This time I’ve got to diversify, I’ve got several aims in mind.

1. Get a book available on Kindle (well, write it first).
2. Get a long form journalistic article available on Kindle Single (got one in mind).
3. Watch and review every unwatched DVD in the house. This little lot should keep me occupied…


4. Sort this blog into a comprehensive resource for all my stuff as well as a much nicer looking thing.

Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Just a lot of writing to do. I’ve got school work on in amongst all that but there’s just enough to keep me busy. I’ll be updating this fairly regularly, with work and stuff.

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