Sweet Chin Movie


188. My Name is Bruce (Bruce Campbell, 2007)

Bruce Campbell has achieved a privileged position as an actor, he’s attained cult status in a way that very few others have. In My Name is Bruce he takes the most postmodern route as Campbell plays a grotesque image of himself as a B-Movie star. He’s mistaken by one of his fans as the man most likely to help when an ancient a Chinese demon is accidentally released to torment the small town of Gold Lick. The film plays on Campbell’s status as a jobbing actor with a particularly devoted fan-club. With tongue wedged firmly in cheek it’s difficult to watch this with anything other than a feeling of warmth for Bruce. He’s worked hard in a lengthy career and with this and his fiction book Make Love! the Bruce Campbell Way he’s further crafted a niche in the hearts of those fans. Fans who just want to enjoy watching the mighty chinned one play comedically flawed matinee idols in ropey horror films. He’s more than watchable and carries the leading role in a low budget bit of escapism like this with ease and no shortage of smarm and charm.

One more thing; I’ve been specifically asked to make mention of the pneumatic charms of leading lady Grace Thorsen – who lends a little bit of class and beauty to proceedings. So there, I have.

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