The Right Man

23. The short films of Jason Reitman

Someone put me on to the short films of up and coming film director and all round top chap Jason Reitman.  You might better know him as the director of Thank You for Smoking, Juno and Up in the Air – three excellent films.  But a quick dig around the internet reveals three of his early efforts are available to watch, and because I’m a diamond geezer I’ve stuck them up here for you.

First up is In God We Trust.  A cracking short film about karma and the actions of your life being totted up to see whether you get heaven or hell.  Our hero spies a chance to skew the result and goes on a last ditch mission to get to the pearly gates.  Smart, sharp, fast and funny have a watch (thanks to Leon Hurley from Official Playstation Magazine for the tip on this).

Gulp is more of a tech demo, showcasing some of the creative film-making techniques at Reitman’s disposal. There’s nothing major to it really but there are some definite hints about the style that would later emerge in his feature career.

Finally there is the extended comedy sketch of Consent. That’s all it really is but it is funny and manages to push the joke as far as it should go without overdoing it.  It’s also nice to see Reitman being loyal to his Jeff Witzke and giving him roles in all three of these short films as well as his features.

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