With Arms Wide Open

The following, somewhat mawkish and possibly genuinely awful, video is appropriate for two reasons:

  1. It’s about having a new addition to the family.
  2. My brother used to sing it at karaoke and often introduced a choreographed all-male striptease to the proceedings, which is something you had to get used to in my family.

Whilst I continue to carry on the hard fought battle against the vagaries of cinema things have taken an unexpectedly early shift in my life. At 7.21am on the 7th September my wife gave birth to baby Seth Warrington. He dropped in on us a couple of weeks early and weighed in at a 7lb 10oz. Him and his Mum are currently having a bit of a rest upstairs whilst I attempt to do a bit of tidying up.

He’s been downstairs for a watch of the cricket, witnessing Dwayne Smith’s blistering 4 wicket over for Sussex against Notts. He expressed disappointment at England being 2 down in the One Day International series and expects to see a turnaround sharpish. Ashes in the bag or not. At least, that’s what he seemed to be gesturing.

Needless to say I might not be hitting this mythical 365 film target. In fact, I doubt I’ll get close. 250 is on the cards though and I’ve still got a few reviews to write from the past week; some more Nimród Antal, an awful mess of a remake, a right wing commie bashing blast from the past and the best comedy of the year. This blog has become pretty important to me, I enjoy doing it and I don’t think that will change for some time.

For now though I’m excited about something else, I’m excited about the little man upstairs and about how we’ll learn things together; playing cricket, irrationally disliking Australians, watching movies we’ll love and movies we’ll hate and the inevitable point where we start disagreeing about them, teaching him about the past when supporting Manchester City was mainly an exercise in contemplative misery that you revelled in rather than a shopping list of topline talent. I want to teach him so much that the list could go on and on. I’ll leave it there though – because I’m tired and because this blog is supposed to be about something else.

Now, I’m off to dig out that copy of The Dark Crystal, “this is what special effect used to look like”…

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  1. Well congratulations to you both! A tear formed in my eye reading that, and I thoroughly enjoyed the song too! I’ve not read the blog for a couple of weeks (with this teaching-no-social-life thing going on), I’ll endeavor to catch-up!

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